X3*– the Revolutionary Breakthrough in Cancer
Treatment and Diagnosis from China

1. Special Features

  • An anti cancer drug exclusively patented in China with sole
    production rights for 20 years.

  • Intelligent biological missile with very powerful targeting
    and killing power for all types of tumours.

  • Intelligent biological missile which can be used to
    transport conventional radiotherapy or chemotherapy
    drugs to form a multi headed intelligent biological missile
    to perform targeted therapy for the body. It inherits the
    beneficial effects of conventional methods and yet is able
    to reduce the quantity of drugs used. This results in greater
    effectiveness whilst eliminating the toxic side effects of

  • The field of application of X3 in medical therapy is very
    broad and its potential is immense. It's use is a major
    breakthrough in the treatment of diseases involving blood
    vessels in the brain and heart.

  • X3 transforms the methodologies and conventional usage
    quantity of drugs used in the medical world.
      It raises the standard of diagnosis of early stage cancer,
      and the detection of metastatic cancer cells which are not
      visible to the eye.
      It is able to track isotopes,
      help with the development of soft tissue ECT imaging and
      tracer elements.
      To date, there is no other country in the world which has
      reached the standard of development as China in the
      treatment of cancer in the form of X3.
      X3 combines the treatment of cancer together with the
      diagnosis of cancer.
      X3 is extremely intelligent. It is able to distinguish
      accurately cancer cells in almost all tissue types and
      infections caused by microorganism and is able to destroy
      them with great precision.
      It is termed as the best "intelligent biological cruise

  • X3 -  a product completely out of the box of conventional
    thinking and treatment methods: X3 is able to differentiate
    cancer cells in many different tissue types. This is a major
    breakthrough from the limitation of a one type only cancer
    cell biological missile. The display of its intelligence is in
    the following:
      It is able to recognise all abnormal cells which are
      rapidly growing,
      all microorganisms which have invaded the body and
      all types of viruses.
      It is even able to restore the impaired inner walls of
      blood vessels and to miraculously get rid of small

  • The introduction of X3 to the medical world will be a major
    contribution to the treatment of cancer. There are 5 special
    features from our clinical experience:

     1. For most early stage cancer patients, it is possible to be
         forego surgery and to just use X3 treatment for
         effecting a cure.
     2. For middle stage cancer patients, X3 is the most
         excellent subsequent treatment after surgery.
     3. For advanced stage cancer patients, metastasis is the
         key fatal factor. In the past there was no way of
         tracking down and eliminating the cancer cells which
         have metastasized all over the body including the bone
         marrow. This is the speciality of X3. From now on there
         need be no fear of metastasis.
     4. For recurrent cancer patients, if they have had
         conventional chemotherapy, their bodies may not be
         able to take another dose of such drugs. Under such
         circumstances, the use of X3 will not only have the
         advantage of not damaging the immune system of the
         patient but is also able to destroy all cancer cells which
         have a tendency to become active. This has the greatly
         beneficial effect of achieving good results and
         extending the life expectancy of the patient.
     5. For some advanced stage cancer patients whose major  
         organs have been damaged irreparably and are no
         longer treatable, X3 can very effectively decrease the
         pain suffered by the patient to effect a better quality of

  • There are 5 major differences between X3 the "intelligent
    biological missile" and the traditional forms of biological

      1. X3 is a broad spectrum missile able to accurately
         differentiate, target and destroy all types of cancer
         cells. The amazing thing is that X3 is also able to
         distinguish viruses and micro-organisms. It is able to
         accurately have a directional fix on virus infection sites
         and micro-organism infection sites. The production cost
         of X3 is relatively low and can be easily accepted by
         most. In comparison,  the conventional biological
         missiles can only distinguish one type of cancer cells,
         production cost is high and thus is not so easily available
         to a lot of people.
     2. X3 as a carrier of drugs: Its special characteristics are –
         slow release, controllable, low toxic effects. It can
         transport not only a large amount of medicines but a
         wide range of medicines e.g. chemo drugs, nuclides,
         biological genes, etc. Its is highly stable with very
         minimal side effects as it transports the medicines to the
         inside of the tumour and the surrounding cancer cells,
         slowly releases the medicines to the localized site thus
         destroying the cancer cells effectively over a long period
         a time. In this way it does not result in any of the side
         effects exhibited by the use of conventional
         chemotherapy and radiotherapy. As of now there have
         been 2 and half years of continuous treatment using this
         and the haemograms and different physiological
         indicators are normal. This is one incomparable feature
         which conventional biological missiles do not have.
     3. X3 has a painkiller effect on cancer and an amazing
         ability to restore damaged tissues.
     4. X3 also is able to improve the immune system,
         haemogram readings and the killing ability of the
     5. Clinical oncologists have the option of using X3 to
         transport medicines like chemotherapy drugs. This takes
         advantage of the beneficial effects of conventional
         methods while strengthening the killing effect on cancer
         cells but without the toxic side effects of such drugs.
         Transporting nuclides with chemotherapy drugs is able
         not only to destroy cancer cells but is also to effect early
         detection of cancer and the tracking of cancer cells.

     X3 is an unprecedented new drug which has amazing
     results on all and any type of cancer. This will be seen as a
     revolutionary breakthrough in the diagnosis and treatment
     of cancer.

2. X3 Components
  • Chemically modified form of nano and submicron X3.
  • According to the needs of the patient and the
    recommendation of the doctors, it can be packaged with
    isotopes or chemotherapy drugs or immunotherapy drugs.
  • Biological steering/guidance substances.

3.  Introduction to the administration of X3
  • X3 is extremely easy to administer. It uses the
    conventional intravenous transfusion method which is
    widely practiced.
  • X3 itself is a very effective cancer killing agent but it can
    be combined with conventional chemotherapy drugs for a
    stronger effect against the cancer.
  • X3 reduces to almost zero the toxic side effects of
    conventional therapies like chemotherapy and
    radiotherapy such as hair loss, fatigue, pain, nausea,
    vomiting, decrease in appetite, loss of weight, damage to
    the immune system and the blood forming function.
  • Broad spectrum usage: It is equally as effective for all
  • The amazing characteristic of X3 is that it effectively
    increases the red blood cells, white blood cells and blood
    platelets and solves a previously insoluble problem in the
    medical field.

4. Summary
  • X3 has a a very strong affinity with all fast growing cancer
    cells. Cancer cells love to ingest X3. When inside the
    cancer cells, the thickness of the X3 is a few hundred times
    that of a normal tissue cell. So when it kills the cancer
    cells, its effect on a normal cell is minimal.
  • X3 has the ability to randomly combine with radioactive
    isotopes and chemotherapy drugs. When required by the
    patient or as recommended by a doctor, X3 can be
    prepared in combination with these.
  • The production of X3 is done in a specially designed high
    temperature, high pressure environment under strict
  • X3 can be combined with biological guidance materials.

* X3 has finished clinical trials and is awaiting Government

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