Professor Dr. Li Ting

Professor of professors, scientist, inventor, researcher and
oncology specialist with vast teaching and clinical experience
spanning a period of 40 years.

Graduated from GuangXi Medical University in 1964.

Served as Head of Administration of the first affiliated hospital of
GuangXi Medical University – the GuangXi Tumor Hospital.

Professor for PHd students and specialists in oncology

Founder of the oncology batchelor degree in China and abroad

methodology which has resulted in significant improvements for
patients.(This is the skilful use of normal surgery, low
temperatures, microwave, chemical, biological, laser, ultrasound
and internal gamma technologies.)

Recipient of governmental recognition in form of special

Recipient of various awards in recognition of contributions to
science on the national and provincial level

Has successfully used brachytherapy to treat more than 3000

Has served as
  • Committee member of the National Laser Academy of the
    Association of Chinese Medicine,
  • Chief committee member of the Guangxi branch of the
    National Laser Academy of the Association of Chinese
  • Chief editor and vice editor for various medical journals and

Currently serving as
  • National Commissioner  of the Tumor Profession Committee
  • Chief editor of various publications including “Tumor
    Foundation Studies”, “Studies on Tumor Diagnostics”,
    “Internal Oncology”, “Surgical Oncology” and “Tumor
    Radiotherapy”, etc.
  • Vice editor of  “Chinese Medical Oncology Abstracts”
  • The chief brachytherapy expert for tumor treatment at the
    Chinese Atomic Energy Institute
Professor Dr. Li Ting
Professor Dr. Wang
Professor Dr. Wang Xiaohuai

World renowned oncology expert – both at home and abroad
countries including Japan, Korea and Malaysia.

Commended by medical experts and patients from many
countries including Japan, Korea and Malaysia.

Much sought after by foreigners and overseas Chinese for
diagnosis and treatment.

36 years of experience in clinical work in oncology.

Specialist in internal oncology, tumor biotherapy, photodynamic
therapy for tumor and diagnosis and therapy of advance stage
tumor patients with all its inherent complications.

Studied in the USA in his early years and undertook advanced
studies for 3 years in a famous cancer center in Texas USA.

Well regarded as an oncology specialist and scholar in the US.
Inventor of the SPDT machine for treatment of cancer.

Has served as:
  • a long standing council member of the Standing Committee
    of the China Medical Assocaition -Oncology section,
  • a co-editor of 《Oncology Magazine》,
  • Director of the Guangzhou Military Oncology Profession
  • Director of the Guangzhou Military District Hospital
    Oncology Department.

Currently serving as mentor to doctoral and masters degree
candidates at The First Army Medical University and South China
Science Polytechnic Institute. Most of his students have gone on
to become the backbone support for their respective hospitals.

Highly regarded by the World Health Organization for the
advances and breakthroughs he made in the field of
photodynamic therapy. He is the inventor of an advanced version
of the PDT equipment called SPDT.

A senior medical expert who receives monetary subsidies from
the State Council in recognition of his work.

Currently doing research on photodynamic therapy combined with
special chemotherapy to effect a cure for tumors. The success of
his research will herald a revolution in oncology and give the
cancer patients worldwide new hope for a better life.
Professor Dr. Qi Yanchao

Professor, Senior Physician, tutor to Master’s students
National Outstanding Contribution Expert,
1975 Graduated from Henan Medical School
1982 Obtained a Masters degree in Medicine
2001 Worked in Canada in the YES bioengineering company.

20 over years in the field of cancer biotherapy and clinical
application research.
Specialises in cell-immune treatment, gene therapy and clinical
application of cytokine for mid-stage and advanced stage cancer.

Since 1985 have been awarded 8 awards in scientific research,
and 15 Achievement awards from provincial, city and bureau
Holder of 2 national patents,
Author of 3 specialist books,
Published over 100 papers,
Taken part in more than 20 international academic conferences.

Currently serving as
Director of Guangzhou Yu Hao Hospital bioengineering center
Professor at the Guangzhou Medical School
Mentor to Masters degree candidates
Vice Chairman of the Contemporary Association of Chinese
Medical Experts
Member of editorial board of the “Journal of Sino-American
Medicine and Management”,
“Modern Medicine”, “World Oncology Journal”
Vice Chief Editor of  “Practical Neurological Diseases Journal”  
Expert member of the World Science, Education, Culture and
Health Organisation
Prof. Dr. Lee Si Song
Professor Dr. Lee Si Song, Senior Physician

Over 36 years of surgical and clinical experience in the field of

Expert who has researched deeply into the diagnosis and
treatment of chronic and advanced illnesses.

Published and presented more than 20 medical papers in local
and international medical journals and conferences.

  • First Class award in technological advancement on the city
    level ,
  • Provincial Honor Award,
  • Provincial Excellent Medical Service Award,
  • Provincial Labor Model Award,
  • Provincial First of May Labor Award,
  • National First of May Labor Award.

Achieved breakthrough results with brachytherapy for cancer
Professor Dr. Huang
Professor Dr. Huang Mingyun

Professor, Member of Experts Group, Senior Physician of the
Surgery Department of the Main Hospital of Guangzhou Military
Member of the Medical Experts Committee of the Guangdong
Senior Medical Professors Association.
Committee member of the Guangdong Anti-Cancer Association.
Graduated from Shanghai Tongji  Medical College in 1963.

40 over years of clinical, research and teaching experience.
Honored with many awards at the hospital.

District Authorities.

Published many papers in local and international medical journals
and magazines.

Specialist in thyroid, breast and abdominal surgery and
chemotherapy for cancers of the stomach, thyroid, intestine, liver,
pancreas and breast.
Dr. Zeng Dehong
Dr. Zeng Dehong, Senior Physician

1967 Graduated from the medical department of Guangxi Medical
1988 Graduated in Advanced Study of hemorheology and
hematology from Shanghai medical college.

Was put in charge of Guangxi National Hospital emergency
department and for diseases of the blood, tumors, digestion,
urinary endemic area.

Very successful and experienced in the treatment of chronic and
advanced diseases.

Presented more than 10 papers in international conferences as
well as having them published in the "Chinese Medicine
magazine", and the provincial magazines.

Many years of experience in clinical oncology.

Specialist in blood diseases, cancer, digestive and kidney

Expert in the fields of chemotherapy, immune therapy, inter-
tissue radiotherapy and the application of hemorheology in
treating patients.
Dr. Song Jianguo
Dr. Song Jianguo

Senior Physician
Also Head of Cong Hua Ming Ju Hospital

Graduate of Bai Qiu En Medical University.

Has spent the last 20 odd years in clinical and research work in
the field of oncology.

Pioneered a unique theory on the treatment of last stage cancer
patients which has met with an astounding degree of success
clinically. Specialist expert in Transarterial Chemo-embolism

Breakthrough in the treatment of Alzheimer’s Disease with his
own unique method of treatment.

Dr. Huang Shiming

Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine
Director of Administration, Oncology Department

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Dr. Huang Shiming
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Hospital for Cancer
Prof. Dr. Qi Yanchao
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Professor Dr. Guo Kunyuan

First Military Medical University of PLA, Guangzhou, China,
Pathology , Doctor of Philosophy , June 2006
Fourth Military Medical University of PLA, Xian, China, Hematology,
Master of Science, July 1986,
First Military Medical University of PLA, Guangzhou, China,
Medicine, Bachelor, August 1979,

Dept. of Hematology/Oncology      
Has served as
      Full Professor  of Medicine
      Chairman of Hematology Department
      Director of Stem cell Transplantation Center
      Director of Hematology/Oncology Laboratory
      Director of Cell Therapy Center
      Director of Regenerative Medicine
      Southern Medical University

      Consultant Professor of Medicine
      Consultant Professor of Hematology/Oncology Center
      Consultant Professor of Stem Cell Transplantation and
      Cell Therapy Center

      452 Hospital of PLA

Special Skill:
1.        Biotherapy for oncology/hematology disease
2.        Stem cell transplantation for oncology/hematology disease
3.        Cell therapy for degenerative disease

Visiting fellows, Cell therapy project, University of  The University
of Texas M. D. Anderson Cancer Center         12/2005-3/2006
Visiting fellows, Stem cell project, University of Tokyo,Tokyo,
Japan, 5/2001-7/2001
Visiting fellows, PBSCT project, University of south Carolina ,USA
Visiting fellows, PBSCT project, University of Tokyo,Tokyo, Japan,
Visiting fellows, PBSCT project, University of Washington and Fred
Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, Seattle, USA, 11/1995-
Visiting fellows, PBSCT project, Hong Kong University Queen Mary
Hospital, Hong Kong, China, 10/1993-12/1993
GCP training, National GCP training program for anticancer
agents, Clinical Trail Base of Health Ministry
Beijing, China, 8/1995-9/1995:
Guangzhou,China 9/2007-10/2007
Workshop on Ethical Issues in Biomedical Research Training,
Fudan University,Harvard School of Public Health,WHO, Shanghai
Medical Ethics Association. Shanghai.China  9/2004-10/2004         
General member,CCRF council, 4/1992~Present
General member, standing committee of Chinese high-Tick
committee 11/2008 –Present
General member, standing committee of Chinese ACAC 8/2005-
General member, standing committee of Guangzhou of ACAC
12/1993~ Present        
Member of standing committee of medicine of Guangdong,
10/1992~ Present          
Specialist of bio-technological committee of Guangdong health
bureau, 10/1994~ Present         
Director of BMT/PBSCT group of Guangdong province, 3/1995~
Specialist of hematology/oncology of Guangdong province health
bureau, 8/1996~ Present
General Member of cancer biotherapy committee of China,
1/1997~ Present
Member of CSCO council, 8/1997~ Present        

Editor of Chinese cancer biotherapy journal, 3/1994~
Editor of journal of practical integrated traditional Chinese and
western-medicine of cancer, 1/1995~ Present
Editor of Chinese transfusion journal, 1/1997~ Present
Editor of Chinese experimental hematology journal, 3/2000~
Editor of Chinese modern medicine journal, 10/2002~        Present
Editor of International immunology journal, 10/2002~Present

Active Member of ASH  2004—Present
Prof. Dr. Kunyuan