About Us

Due to the great successes at our hospital word has spread far
and wide and our patient base has now grown to include many
international patients. We as a hospital have never previously
advertised ourselves. Our tremendous growth since our oncology
wing started in 2006 is entirely due to word of mouth
recommendation from patients who have been treated here.

Taking the right first step in our battle against cancer is very
important, in our opinion. So we sincerely urge you to consider us
as your
first choice of treatment and not as your last choice.

Coming to China may seem like an inconvenient choice and may
be a first for a lot of people. But we would urge you when making
your choice of your first initial cancer treatment to base it solely
on the therapeutic effect of the treatments and the quality of
expertise behind the treatments as well as the gentler approach
which we subscribe to.

We are well aware of how devastating it is emotionally for
someone who finds out that he/she has cancer. Despite the
tremendous advances made in the treatment of cancer many
people still do not know of the existence of such treatments.
Having access to our more unique treatments can make a big
difference in beating the odds for survival.

On a personal note, those working to produce this website have
members of their families afflicted by cancer and who did not
have the good fortune of knowing about the existence of such
treatments. They had to undergo the conventional treatments of
operations, radiotherapy and chemotherapy and the pain of the
disease when these were no longer effective or usable. Through
our work we hope to help patients not only to beat the odds of
survival but to be able to enjoy a better quality of life and to have
more time and life with their families.

Our mission is to offer
the latest, most
effective cancer
treatments in the world
at an affordable cost to

We are here to make a
difference in the lives
of cancer patients.

We exist to help as
many cancer patients as
possible on their road to
recovery and to ensure
that their journey is as
smooth, pleasant and
comfortable as possible.
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