Understanding Your Treatment Options
HIFU (High Intensity Focus Ultrasound)
High-intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) device is one of the
most advanced medical instruments in oncotherapy. The intellectual
Development and Reform Commission.            

Treatment principle   

The entire physical tumor area can be observed by the use of b
ultrasonic waves. The location is accurately positioned by the
treating equipment under the operation and control of the computer.

Ultrasound is characterized by its deep permeability(penetration?)
and high focus.

Once the tumor has been located the equipment is used to transmit
a large capacity ultra sound wave from  outside of the body to focus
onto the tumor tissue. Within seconds a high temperature of 70-
100 degrees Centigrade is generated in the focused area, killing
the cancer cells within 0.1-0.25 seconds.

Treatment Range        

It is effective for the tumors which can be observed clearly by b-
mode ultrasound, such as for those occurring in the abdominal
cavity. This application is effective for cancers such as
hepatocarcinoma, pancreatic carcinoma, prostatic carcinoma,
suprarenal carcinoma, rectal cancer, carcinoma of uterus,
oophoroma, breast cancer, metastatic carcinoma in the visceral
cavity or in the pelvis, hysteromyoma and hyperplasia of
prostate .It is also useful for dermatoma or osteolytic sarcoma.

Treatment Characteristics and Curative effect

  1. The computer controlled system accurately focuses on and
    locks in to the location of the cancer cells. It generates a
    temperature of  70°C - 100°C and instantly kills the cancer
    cells in the tumor within an area of 3x3x10 cubic mm. thus
    eliminating the tumor covering a large area.
  2. Through the adoption of low intensity ultrasound there is no
    need for the use of anaesthesia thus risk for the patient is
  3. This method of treatment is very suitable and widely used in
    the cases of internal organs carcinoma or metastatic
    carcinoma in the abdominal and pelvis cavities.
  4. The course of treatment is non-invasive involving no
    perforations, no bleeding, no pain, no heat injury and no
    burning experienced by the patients.
  5. This is very unlike the use of radiotherapy or chemotherapy
    as no poisonous substances are used hence there is no
    toxicity and no side-effects. The immune system of the
    patient is not adversely affected at all.
  6. This method can precisely locate the tumor site and does not
    affect the surrounding tissue during treatment. It does not
    destroy the immune system.       


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