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Hospital for Cancer

Getting started
Q: How should I go about finding out if your hospital can
help me with my cancer?
A: First of all click on the Contact us link to go to the form
page. Please fill in some details about your problem.  We
will start the process from there. Alternatively you can
email us with the relevant details and include as much
detail as you possibly can including emailing us your latest
medical reports and scans – if you have any. With the
data our doctors can give you a rough idea what
treatments they will be looking at for your case and an
approximate cost can be worked out.
If you have not got a reply from us within 2-3 days, please
look in the spam folder of your email in case by mistake
the reply has gone there.

Medical Insurance Claims
Q:  I have medical insurance. Will I be able to claim for
treatments done at the hospital?
A:  You will need to know the terms of your insurance
policy. Our hospital is a properly registered
hospital. If your insurance allows for claims outside of  
your country of residence then it should not be a problem.  
Our overseas patients have successfully been reimbursed
by their insurance companies. Please bring the claim form
with you – it will be good to have a few copies to make
allowance for any errors.

Travel arrangements
Q: How do I go to the hospital?
A: If you are coming by air from outside China the best is
to arrange to fly to Guangzhou International airport.
Please let us know about your flight arrival time via email.
If you have already made prior arrangements  with us for
admission to the hospital we will arrange for our staff to
meet and drive you to the hospital.
There are many airlines which fly to Guangzhou. These
include China Southern, SIA, Thai International Airlines,
MAS, etc.
Other alternatives include flying to Hong Kong and then
taking a train from Hung Hom railway station in Kowloon
to Guangzhou East railway station. This is a 174 km
journey and takes about 1 hr 45min. Trains leave hourly
starting from 7.30am till 7.15pm. We can also arrange to
pick you up from the railway station.

Accompanying family members
Q: I have family members who are accompanying me.
Where can they stay?
A: In our hospital it is one room one patient policy. We
have one extra bed put into the room for   
accompanying family members to use. There is no extra
charge for this. If you have more than one family member
accompanying you, we can arrange for hotel stay nearby
the hospital which is within walking distance. Please
contact us for more details.

Q: What about food?We are very particular about food.
Are there any facilities for us to prepare our own food?
A: Food is not provided in the hospital because of the
varying expectations about food. There is a kitchen where
you can prepare your own food.
There is a fresh market and supermarket near to the
hospital for purchases.
Food can also be ordered from nearby restaurants.

Q: What about visa requirements?
A:Please check with your local China Consulate or
Your passport should be at least 6 months from the expiry
date. Please allow for at least 4 working days to get your
visa. If you need to process your visa quicker it is still
possible.  You just have to pay extra charges. If you have
any problem with this, please contact us.

Mode of Payment
Q: How do i pay the hospital? Is credit card acceptable?
A: The hospital does not accept credit cards issued from
outside of China. For patients from outside of China the
mode of payment will be by cash. There are 2 ways of
payment commonly used by our foreign patients involving
bank transfer. This is a very simple process and we will be
able to advise you on this.

Making us your first choice
Q: Why should I choose to come to your hospital? It  is so
much more convenient to stay at home and have
treatment at the local hospital?
A:Yes, it is a long way to come for a lot of our patients –
20 hours by train from some other part of China, many
hours by flight from some other countries to make it to the
hospital. Some of these patients have come from bigger
hospitals than ours and have had treatments before
coming to the hospital. We have a variety of expertise in
different methods of treatments and employ a
multifaceted approach to treating cancer which may not be
available in a lot of hospitals. Our team of dedicated and
experienced oncologists together with our TCM doctors
provide our patients with individual programs tailored to
their needs. We have cancer treatments which are non-
invasive with minimal harmful side-effects. Our
commitment to our patients is evidenced by the fact that 2
of our most senior physicians are permanently resident in
the hospital while the others are housed just minutes
away. This is to ensure our patients have round the clock
expert care if any need or emergency should arise. We
also have no plans for much expansion as we do not wish
to compromise the quality of care that we can provide.
The level of care as well as expertise is very much
appreciated by those who have come here for treatment
and has engendered a lot of trust between patient and
doctors and patient and nurses. Our patients have no
hesitation to recommend others to come for treatment at
our hospital.

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