Understanding Your Treatment Options
EWBH is the most advanced form of tumor treatment in the world
today. This therapy has been approved by the FDA of the USA and
by China’s Health Authorities for clinical use in treating tumors and

Treatment Principle

The patient is put under general anesthesia after which a special
technology is used to warm up the blood which is circulated outside
the body to a certain temperature before reintroducing the blood
back into the body. This raises the body temperature and kills off
the tumor cells and viruses creating  a therapeutic effect.

The entire process is controlled and monitored by a computer which
is used to raise, control and to lower the temperatures as required.
It is safe, reliable, harmless as well as painless for the patient.


-Can be used on terminal patients and those who are not suitable
for surgical operation and chemotherapy

-The effect is obviously evidenced. Recipients of this therapy have
found their tumors reduced in size or arrested in growth and in
some cases even disappeared.

-Longer life span for the patient. Many have found that the pain
caused by cancer has been reduced and even eradicated, their
appetite has returned and even improved and sleep is better.

-This strengthens the immune system and enhances on the positive
effects of chemotherapy.        

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