China's  Advanced  Therapies
Hospital for Cancer
Case Study 8:
Liver Cancer

Name:  Mr. Lu
Sports trainer in Beijing
Age:  62

Diagnosis upon  Admission:
Liver cancer

Medical History:
2006 December 14:  Physical examination,  B ultrasound and
antibodies. Diagnosed by Peking Union Medical College
Oncology Hospital as liver cancer.
2006 Dec 26 and 2007 Feb 1 underwent transcutaneous
arterial chemoembolism.

Condition upon admission:
Good general condition.  Indication from B-ultrasound: Right
side of liver and gallbladder uneven echo 3.3*4.5, laboratory
tests: ALT:2.2, AST:60.6, ALP:102.2, AFP:16.35, CEA:0.52.

2007 Mar 31 performed I¹²⁵particle implantation using 50
particles .  Discharged from hospital 5 days later.

Condition after treatment:
Currently very well.
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