China's  Advanced  Therapies
Hospital for Cancer
Case Study 5:
Lung Cancer

Name: Mdm.  Li
Country: Taiwan
Age: 74
Diagnosis upon  Admission:         
Squamous cell carcinoma of left lung.

Medical History:
2007 Feb discovered left upper part of lung had a lesion
occupying 6 cm in diameter.  Using brochofiberscope the
diagnosis was non small cell lung cancer III stage.

Condition at admission:
Laboratory tests:
CEA 0.45ng/ml, CA125 33.61 U/ml, CA153 108.57 U/ml,
NSE 5.1 ng/ml, CF211 8.68 U/ml.        

Localised treatment for the tumour using transcutaneous arterial
chemoembolism. 1  course of biotherapy to strengthen the immune
2007 April 23 CT guided I¹²⁵nuclear implantation(brachtherapy)
on the left lung was performed under general anaesthesia.

Condition after treatment:
Living a normal life.
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