China's  Advanced  Therapies
Hospital for Cancer
Case Study 4:

Name: Mr. Zhang
Country: Indonesia
Age: 57
Diagnosis upon  Admission:         
Squamous carcinoma of left larynx, IV stage.
Anterior of neck chronic carcinoma
with abscess and         
Medical History:        
2002 repeated instances of sore throat. Took oral         
medication for pharyngitis.
Got  cured.
2003 another outbreak. Laryngoscopy revealed laryngeal     
Did not have operation.
2004 May Because of the severity of pain, used laser
surgery for tumour removal.
Pathological findings: tumour was benign. After surgery
hoarseness of voice.
Took herbal medicine on and off as treatment.
2006 April – emergence of headaches, pain in the right side
of neck. Thyroid cartilage had reddish swelling with pus
being issued.
2006 June 1 Breathing difficulties, wheezing. Recent loss of

At time of admission,
was suffering from shortness of breath, presence of a
carbuncle, an approximately 3*4cm reddish mass at the        
anterior of the thyroid cartilage with many pus spots. When
pressed, oozed yellowish green viscous pus.
CT scan: left lateral laryngocarcinoma (glottis area),
involving cartilagines laryngis, right lateral vocal chords and
superior  and inferior parts of glottis.

After admission to hospital, surgical incision to drain pus from and
disinfect carbuncle.
2006 June 26 Start of chemotherapy.
2006 July 7 performed percutaneous  I¹²⁵ particles implantation
(short distance radiotherapy) for laryngocarcinoma.
2006 July 18 significant reduction  in size of incision on anterior
of neck  to approximately 1.5*1 cm, reduction of sphacelus and
growth of bright red sarcolemma tissue. Discharged from hospital.
2006 August 10 Admitted to hospital for re-examination: left
laryngocarcinoma tumour reduced in size. Performed additional
brachytherapy with I¹²⁵ particle implantation for left
laryngocarcinoma and second round of whole body chemotherapy.
2006 November 20 Admitted to hospital for third round of whole
body chemotherapy.

Condition after treatment:  
Living a normal life.
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