Case Study 1:
Biotherapy Case Study - Patient with Acute Myeloid

Name: Mdm. Wong Muh Keng
Country: Malaysia
Age: 55
Diagnosed with
AML - Acute Myeloid Leukemia in Jun 2007.
Had 4 rounds of chemotherapy until January 2008 in a local
Came to our hospital for Biotherapy on 20 May 2008.
Started course of biotherapy on the 22 May 2008.
After one treatment her husband already noticed that she was
standing up straighter and had a lot less back pain. She had
more energy and was not puffing and panting so much when
going for a walk.
After the second treatment, her finger nails, soles of her feet,
her face were not so pale looking. She felt more energetic and
On the last day of the treatment, she reported that she was
able to recite all her prayers in one sitting. She was not able to
do so before as she used to run out of breath. She was able to
go up and down the stairs
without feeling breathless.
She looked pink and well.
3 July 2008
She happily reports that her haemogram is that of
normal person, unlike before the treatment and
gives her consent for use of her name in our website.

November 2008
She had a bone marrow test done. All indicators are normal.

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More to come.....

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