China's  Advanced  Therapies
Hospital for Cancer
Case Study 12:
Peritoneal Mesothelioma

Name:   Mr. Lee

Age:     38

Medical History
Mr. Lee had suffered from cancer (
peritoneal mesothelioma)  
for 5 years. He had been treated in several hospitals including
undergoing surgery 4 times but without much satisfactory
results and his condition continued to deteriorate.
At the end of
2004 a CT scan revealed that there were
multiple metastases in the liver and extensive metastasis in
the abdomen. The patient had been bedridden for half a year
and was considered hopeless by other hospitals. However, the
family of the patient did not give up hope and sought
treatment at our hospital in
March 2005.

Condition upon admission
At the time of admission the patient was in a very debilitated
condition. He was very skinny but with abdominal distension.
An irregular size hard lump was found under his right rib. His
lower limbs suffered serious water retention. He was short of
breath and he was not capable of movement.

After Treatment
Under our expertise and comprehensive care with the adoption of a
multifaceted approach to treatment combining HIFU with
Chemotherapy and Biotherapy the patient showed a miraculous
turnaround after a month. Shortness of breath,  ascites and edema
in the lower limbs were all goneļ¼  The lump under the rib had
become soft and smaller. His appetite was strong and his face and
weight had come back to normal. He could completely take care of
himself and could go out for walks and activities outside.
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