China's  Advanced  Therapies
Hospital for Cancer
Case Study 10:
Breast Cancer

Name:  Mdm. Ho  from Singapore
Age: 36
Diagnosis upon  Admission:  
Breast cancer
Medical History:
    2002 bleeding from the right nipple. Mammography did not
    indicate any abnormality.
    2003 Appearance of a lump about the size of a soybean inside
    the medial inferior quadrant of the right breast, was hard, not
    very mobile, gradually enlarging, no treatment.
    2005 size increased to about 3.5 cm.
    2005 May had a surgery to remove the tumour. Was found to   
    be malignant. Doctors suggested to have a radical mastectomy
    done.  Patient refused and sought treatment at our hospital.

    2005 June underwent I¹²⁵ nuclear particle implantation
    (brachytherapy) and transcutaneous arterial chemoembolism
    for the right breast tumour and surrounding lymph nodes
    underneath the armpit and above the right clavicle. After the
    operation continued on hormone therapy.

Condition after treatment:
    Subsequent reexamination till now, no metastasis locally or
2007 Sept PET/CT scan indicated no appearance of
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